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Being the second largest continent in the world, Africa has a lot to offer. Its vast expanse is outlined by some fabulous stretches of coast, and both Northern and Southern Africa are perfect for a relaxing beach holiday, providing hot days, ideal for lazy afternoons amongst the sand and warm nights, when you can absorb the local culture.
A little closer to home, the north, with its tourist spots of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, is a very popular part of Africa for last minute breaks and is great for a minimoon escape. The Arabian culture found here provides vibrant destinations, where you can meander around markets and awaken your senses with a myriad of spices, bright colours and the chatter of the sell. Hear the mesmerising call to prayer, learn about ancient civilisations – even enjoy a camel ride!
Travel south, where a rich and diverse wildlife flourishes, and find adventure in discoveries made off the beaten track. Observe the big five in their natural environment and enjoy the awe-inspiring landscape that graces this area of Africa. Tanzania and Kenya are both fabulous places to enjoy a Safari wedding or honeymoon – imagine saying your vows while gazing over the breathtaking Serengeti!
Of course, the southern parts of Africa offer more than just Safari, with stunning beaches like those found in Mombasa and Zanzibar boasting powdery-white sands that look out across the stunning Indian Ocean. Here, you can find numerous five star properties that provide facilities for an incredible beach wedding. Visit the local cities where you can discover fantastic restaurants and bars, a wide variety of shops and historic sites to peruse at your leisure.
Wherever you decide to go in Africa, it will be an experience you will never forget! 


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