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A continent of vast and dramatic landscapes, differing climates and varying cultures, North America offers a world of opportunities for your perfect wedding and honeymoon experience. The East and West Coasts of America provide suave beach holidays where you can mix with the rich and famous and revel in a vibrant tourist scene. Here, you can enjoy a wedding ceremony with a stunning beach backdrop and spend your honeymoon lazing by the pool. Or, why not opt for a fabulous winter themed wedding or honeymoon, anywhere from the evocative dream of Central Park in the winter to a luxury Ski Lodge in Canada and parts of the USA?
Of course, many prefer a tour of America or Canada, and you can take in so much more of the continent with this option – visiting terrifying theme parks, days of shopping till you drop, the buzz and excitement of city breaks and entertainment that will blow you away. Discover sites, monuments, great lakes and canyons, and relive stories from a turbulent past.
Further south, the continent encompasses the beautiful country of Mexico, which not only boasts breathtaking, white sand beaches along which stand many, high end, luxury properties but is also steeped in history. Its beautiful landscape tells its own story, from the dramatic archaeological ruins of Chichen Itza to the pre-Columbian remains at Tulum; the ancient walled city is set on rugged rocks with incredible vistas looking out to sea. 
Don’t forget to check the weather before you choose the time of year you want to travel, especially when it comes to visiting America’s East Coast, which does have a hurricane season. Two relatively similar countries sitting on such a vast expanse of land means a wide variety of climates, with areas that will give you blazing sunshine, crisp Autumn days and wintery snow. Wherever you end up, however, your time in North America will be unforgettable!


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