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A sub-tropical archipelago of 150 islands clustered together and connected by bridges, Bermuda is a beautiful country famous for superb weather and incredible pink sand beaches. The stunning backdrop means that romance is most definitely in the air. Pastel coloured houses stand out against the beautiful green landscape and a number of historic sites bring the Island to life and reveal its rich history. Bermuda is also a golfer’s paradise, with seven championship golf courses extending across the islands. 
A fantastic climate in which to celebrate a wedding and honeymoon, Bermuda is neither too hot nor too cold; perfect! Superb restaurants line the islands’ streets serving everything from local cuisine to Italian, Indian, Thai, even Mexican. Famous for its fantastic seafood, the smells and tastes will tingle your taste buds and excite your senses. And why not enjoy a night out sampling the country’s fantastic array of clubs and bars?
A destination often chosen by the very wealthy, Bermuda offers relaxation and pampering, and many of its resorts boast the ultimate in luxury. A veritable Eden, beautiful Bermuda awaits you, promising a wedding & honeymoon that will live on in your hearts forever. 

The Bermudian Dollar trades equivalent to the US Dollar. As such, US Dollars are accepted throughout the Island. You may also find that many of the hotels are resorts will also charge you in US Dollars.


  • Paget Parish

    One of the nine Bermudian Parishes, in very close proximity to the city of Hamilton, Paget Parish is located in the central South of the Island chain. Covering only 2.3 square miles of land, Paget still boasts an enthralling landscape of perfect, pink sand beaches and stunning bays and coves, comp...Read more