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A far eastern well-kept secret, Cambodia has only recently opened its arms to the world, and what a fantastic gift it is. Its rich history certainly plays its part in defining the country as it is today, and although Cambodia has had its trials and tribulations, its enchanting atmosphere and vibrant culture has stood the test of time. Out of all of this has grown a great sense of positivity to inspire us all.
Numerous growing cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh allow for days of insight and enjoyment, and give you a chance to see how Cambodia truly ticks. The Khmer Empire has left its mark, with fascinating and beautiful temples and grand monuments, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor – a magnificent architectural and archaeological site – in fact, one of the most important in South East Asia. Set in an area of some 400 square metres, it includes some of the incredible remains of the different cities of the mighty Empire, including the temple of Angkor Wat and the Bayon Temple.
Tropical wilderness and beautiful stretches of Cambodian countryside, with its rice paddies, sugar palms and rural landscape, is a great empty canvas for adventure, and the more intrepid traveller can discover the vast ecosystem – the freshwater dolphins in the Mekong River, crashing waterfalls, incredible lakes and fascinating wildlife. Taking a bike ride along the river takes you through quaint and traditional villages, giving an insight into the true Cambodia. But for a quieter life, an outstretch of stunning beaches, not yet touched by the usual stream of tourists, invite those who are looking to relax and watch the world go by. 
An inspiring country, and a place that will continue to thrive, it is hard to see how Cambodia won’t keep growing and strengthening. This unknown paradise is certainly crying out for exploration, and what you will see together will thrill every one of your senses and will stay in your hearts forever. 


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