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A large country that embraces more than one temperate and tropical zone, Mexico is a place where you could find yourself enjoying a jungle tour or relaxing on a sparkling white sandy, beach; throwing yourself it the hustle and bustle of city centre life, or discovering ancient civilisations – with so many experiences to choose from, you can create your wedding & honeymoon in Mexico to be exactly as you dreamed it!

The mountainous centre of Mexico, with its picturesque towns, beautiful landscape and colonial architecture offers a beautiful setting in which to enjoy a wedding & honeymoon of variety and adventure. Discover the deep-set history of this amazing country, or take a journey through nature and walk amongst beautiful forests, lakes, springs and dark, enchanting caves or join in with the more traditional side of Mexican life and experience the running of the bulls in Aquascaliente.
Of course, with its close proximity to the Caribbean, Mexico also offers the same magical, white-sand beaches and crystal-blue waters, ideal for relaxing and enjoying your time together as husband and wife, celebrating new beginnings in a natural paradise, without the worries of everyday life. 


  • Riviera Maya

    A diver’s paradise and a dream for honeymooners and wedding couples searching for their perfect beach destination, Riviera Maya has a lot to offer. Located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and encompassing the well-known resort of Playa Del Carmen, the region’s favourable position mea...Read more