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A destination for the traveller with a huge sense of adventure, and yet a place where people can go to relax, South Africa has a lot to offer. Famous for its wildlife, the country has over 21 National Parks and boasts one of the most diverse landscapes of Animalia in its continent, being the home of flamingos, African elephants, lions, zebras, great white shark – even penguins!
Truly the journey of a lifetime, a fantastic Safari experience awaits you. A far cry from the zoological parks of the UK, it is an incredible sight seeing creatures in their own natural habitat. But with 3,500km of immaculate coastline, Safari is not all that South Africa has to offer; the more intrepid can enjoy anything from surfing to shark diving. 
For those who prefer a calmer way of life, taking part in a historical wine trail is the perfect antidote for the chaos of everyday life, offering a chance to escape and enjoy yourself in the country with the oldest wine industry outside of Europe. Year round golf is also a great attraction in South Africa, as is enjoying its beautiful beaches; in short, there is something for everyone. And with a beautiful landscape of mountains, forests, deserts and coasts, it is the perfect setting for the wedding & honeymoon of your dreams. 


  • Kwa Zulu Natal

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