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An archipelago of 115 islands, the Republic of Seychelles is a place of legendary beauty. Unrivalled beaches and sparkling blue waters are towered over by magnificent glacial boulders, giving a true sense of paradise. Consistently popular with couples seeking romance, every island offers an escape from everyday life and provides a sanctuary for relaxation and time alone together. 
Tranquil by tradition, the Republic of Seychelles is home to a melting pot of different races and cultures, all adding to the marvellous spirit of the nation and to the warmth and hospitality of its people. 
The country’s natural and flourishing environment provides for an exciting destination, where relaxing on the beach is only one aspect of the perfect holiday there; the Seychelles is a fantastic place to spot giant tortoises, enjoy jungle trails inland, experience a fabulous day of island hopping, take part in thrilling watersports or simply splitting your time between fantastic restaurants, shops, nature reserves and heritage sites. 
The perfect destination for a celebration, your time in the Seychelles will be unforgettable. 


  • Mahé

    Surrounded by sparkling blue waters that are home to shoals of beautiful, tropical fish, Mahé is the largest island of the Seychelles and the location of the archipelago’s capital city, Victoria. A place with a short yet colourful history, the Island was only settled from 1792! &nbs...Read more