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Unfortunately, marriage in the Maldives that is not a Muslim ceremony will not be seen as legal. However, many people take advantage of the fact that they can have a beautiful, symbolic ceremony without the stresses of having to produce documents, have them translated and apply for a sometimes pricey marriage license.

Of course, to have a symbolic marriage, you will both need to apply and marriage in your country of residence, usually before your ceremony in the Maldives:
  • If you are a UK citizen you will need to give notice of marriage along with your partner at your local registry office. There is a fifteen day wait during the publication of the banns, after which you will be free to marry in the UK. You are then free to travel to The Maldives and enjoy a symbolic wedding ceremony. 
  • For more information on getting married in the UK and the requirements, please click HERE, and for pricing information, HERE.