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You will need:
  • Both of your valid passports.
  • Both of your birth certificates or a certified copy of them.
  • The relevant decree absolute should either of you have been previously divorced.
  • The relevant death certificate should either of you have been previously widowed.
  • The relevant documents should either of you have ever changed your name by deed poll.
  • A Certificate of No Impediment to prove that you are both free to marry. In the UK this can be obtained from your local registry office after you have given formal notice to marry. If this cannot be obtained, you will both have to make a solemn declaration that you are free to marry while you are in The Seychelles and sign an affidavit. 
Note that any documentation not in English must be translated.
You will need to be:
  • Resident in The Seychelles for at least 2 working days, although some hotels may require you to be there for longer.
  • At least 18 years of age.
Further Information:
Hotels and resorts will often assist you in organising the legal aspect of your wedding in The Seychelles. However, couples who wish to book their own wedding will need to do the following:
  • You will need to apply to The Seychelles’ Civil Status Office in Victoria, Mahé at least two months before the wedding so that all of the documents can be organised, although we recommend you contact them earlier than this. Contact details can be found below.
  • You must tell the Civil Status Office the date you wish to marry at least 15 calendar days before the wedding day. If you apply and pay for a Special License, issued within 2 days from the date of application, you may be exempt from this. 
  • Weddings outside hotel grounds can only take place in private and authorised places approved by the Civil Registrar. They can also be performed in the Civil Status Office on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 0900hrs and 1100hrs.
  • All couples marrying outside the Civil Status Office must pay a relevant fee which is subject to which area of The Seychelles you wish to marry in and whether your ceremony will take place before of after 1700hrs. More detailed information on this can be obtained from the Civil Status Office. 
  • If you are not British Nationals, a special stamp or apostille is required to validate the marriage certificate given after the ceremony. This can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office at the Supreme Court for a fee of SCR140. Contact details can be found below. 
Contact Details:

Civil Status Office

Independence House, 
PO Box 430, 
Victoria, Mahé
Republic of Seychelles
Tel :   00248 4 29 36 04
Fax :   00248 4 32 10 46

Registrar of the Supreme Court 

Supreme Court
PO Box 157
Victoria, Mahé
Republic of Seychelles
Tel :   00248 224224 or 00248 4285858
Fax :   00248 4 32 10 46
Email : or

Note that the above contact details are correct as far as we know.