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The founding centre of democracy and the birthplace of numerous great philosophers, the ancient city of Athens is a cornucopia of fascinating monuments, monasteries, temples, museums and galleries. Its rich heritage can be discovered wherever visitors tread, with clues of its past - from the Byzantines to the Ancient Greeks, visable across the city. Must-see treasures include the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora and the Temple of Olympian as well as museums, such as the Byzantine Museum and the Acropolis Museum.

Yet, Athens is not solely defined by its famous history. A vibrant, multi-cultural city enhanced by its Greek roots, it boasts an enchanting and dynamic environment which includes the perfect blend of an electrifying nightlife, brilliant gastronomy and a contemporary visual arts scene alongside a laid-back culture, fabulous Greek tavernas, streetfood and a deep sense of musical tradition.

A vivacious city full to the brim with incredible experiences, Athens is also a meer 30 minutes away from a crisp, golden coastline scattered with numerous, affluent properties, perfect for a luxury wedding and honeymoon.  


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