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The largest Island in Greece, Crete boasts a stunning 1km coastline with gorgeous soft, sandy beaches looking out to the expanse of the striking, blue Mediterranean Sea. Rich in history and tradition, it is an archaeological gem, with ancient civilisations rooted in its past. With such an incredible backdrop and welcoming residents, you will both fall in love with the landscape and the relaxed Cretan way of life.
Explore the mountainous areas in the middle of the Island. Discover true Cretan life in the small villages scattered away from its coastal regions. Enrich your senses with its gastronomical delights and local cuisine. 
A beautiful Island with far more to behold than its size indicates, Crete is the perfect place to enjoy an incredible and fulfilling Wedding & Honeymoon. 
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Out of the Blue, Capsis Resort
Crete - Greece
Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is a 5-star deluxe resort hotel complex that is outstretched over a unique peninsula resembling a Cretan Village, surrounded by a Botanical Park, with beautiful Aegean views, extensive gardens, green pathways, ponds, cascades, sandy beach...