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A beautiful Island steeped in rich history, Thassos is a gem of the Aegean Sea famous for its crisp, golden beaches and the kind hospitality of its people. Also known as ‘The Emerald Isle’, it is relatively unspoiled, and its stunning setting provides many a chance for romance. As yet relatively undiscovered by the flocks of tourists that visit the more popular Greek Islands, Thassos still enjoys the beautiful backdrop of its neighbours while allowing for relaxation, with the serenity of a quieter destination. 
The Island’s natural landscape boasts plush mountains hiding quaint villages, acres of woodland, sandy beaches and sparkling waters, allowing for fabulous days of adventure and exploration. Signs and monuments of Thassos’ past can still be seen today, and there are numerous archaeological treasures to discover. 
And of course, the inviting Greek culture with its long-standing traditions are always inviting; the fabulous locals, tasty regional food and nights of endless song and dance will ensure that you will never want to leave. 
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Ilio Mare
Thassos Island - Greece
One of the island’s finest beachfront resorts, the Ilio Mare offers the most elegant guest rooms and spacious suites, while gorgeous palm -  dotted tropical gardens and small waterfalls frame a stunning view of the Aegean Sea. The hotel’s atmospheric...