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The ultimate beach location in East Africa, Zanzibar offers a beautiful setting for the wedding & honeymoon of your dreams. White sands adorn the water’s edge, and stunning turquoise seas reach out to the horizon. 
Lush plantations house spices engulf your senses, and many offer tours that delve into Zanzibar’s past and its unfortunate association with the slave trade. Luxury lodges and retreats are dotted around the coastline, inviting you to relax in paradise. Often, these are areas relatively free of development, allowing the perfect opportunity for complete escapism. 
The Island of Mnemba, just off the coast of Matemwe, is a prime spot for some spectacular diving experiences, great for those with a keen interest in underwater life. 
The historic capital of Zanzibar, Stonetown, is a fantastic place to visit. Bazaars and Markets adorn the streets, and the whole town radiates a brilliant atmosphere. 
A place to relax, discover, explore and enjoy, Zanzibar is a must for those seeking to go somewhere different, away from the crowds. 
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Mnemba Island Lodge, &Beyond
Zanzibar - Tanzania
Escape to the peace and tranquillity of a beautiful paradise at &Beyond Mnemba Island Lodge. Set on a beautiful Island on the Zanzibar archipelago, guests are met warmly on the beach after a short, 20 minute boat ride.   Just ten luxury bandas m...